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My sincere condolences  / Sara Pero (Sisters Friend )  Read >>
My sincere condolences  / Sara Pero (Sisters Friend )
I stumbled across this while searching for my old school friend Kristen. I remember hearing about this and being so shocked. Kristen and Christopher went to my school in London and I remembered the majestic energy they carried. I knew they where from a very loving home. Even though it is late I send my sincere condolences to Kristen and the family. Hes blessed spirit will live on forever. God bless Sara Close
Priceless memories  / NICHELLE PETERSON (Class mate )  Read >>
Priceless memories  / NICHELLE PETERSON (Class mate )
Hey my thoughts jus ran on Christopher today and I decided to google his name and I came across this very touching page. I went to Modsec with Christopher from form 1 to 3. I had a crush on him in form 2 and then we ended up in the same class in form 3 where I sat next to him. It was the saddest thing for me in Modsec when Christopher migrated to England. Then one day out of the blues I got a letter in the mail from him which made me smile when he said he will be in Trinidad for grads. I was really happy I was going to see him which I did. It was great seeing him after those years and which made grads special also. Christopher was such a joy to be around in school that I missed him sooo much when he went to England, so imagine now that is gone to heaven how hard it must me be for the loved ones. He was such a joy, vibrant and full of energy. In school when I was standing by the door way he would just appear from the back and push me and then grab me back in the second and say "I saved you, you owe me one" if only it was that simple when he faced the accident but God obviously had bigger plan s for him. There was this one time in French Class I will never forget, I even shared it with my husband. So, we had some words to lean for Ms. Hem Lee and Christopher couldn't remember, Ms. Hem Lee asked him to stand and say what is Leg in French so I was whispering it to him. Christopher was responding very soft to Ms. Hem Lee so she kept asking him over and over until he shouted at her to the to of his voice "LA JAMBE LEG" and she said "ARE YOU A JACKASS, GET OT OF MY CLASS!!!" and he ran out the class laughing cuz that was a big joke for him and for everybody else in class. I am a mother of one son and imagining life without him brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart so Mrs. Sirju I know your pain and sorrow for your son will never end as his mother. I am sure he has the angels laughing with all his jokes and one day we will all see him again. I was there at the funeral and when I saw him he looked very peaceful. REST IN PEACE MY DEAR CHRISTOPHER, GONE TOO SOON BUT YOUR MEMORIES WILL LIVE FOREVER...... Close
Ten years ago  / Mum   Read >>
Ten years ago  / Mum
Chris, Your death will always pull at my heart and I will never stop grieving for you because you are my child. It was a sad morning and even the night before I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about that Satuday night. I even woke up at 3am and the first thing I did was check the time and thought weird . I cried in the morning son, I cried because I missed you, I cried because my heart was broken, I cried because I remembered how I felt that morning . I know you are well and happy and that your soul is singing and dancing and that comforts me. I know that God has lifted us up and still carries us because there is no other explanation. Dad, Kristen and me ...we are well and coping. We have Squiggles now and he keeps us busy. He reminds us of you sometimes...always want to go out and ever so friendly. Chris, I miss you so much and wish you were here but I understand and trust . Rest in peace my handsome angel. Keep in touch like you usually do. I really appreciate when you stop by. Until we meet again. Love always Mummy PS: went to the Granville beach purely by chance only to remember after that your ashes were scattered there. ✋🏼🙏🏼 Close
8th anniversary  / Nina (Mum)  Read >>
8th anniversary  / Nina (Mum)
Eight years and I still long to see you, to hear your voice and that laugh. I miss you and always will. There's nothing we do in our home and we don't think about you Chris. So many people ask me how I cope and my answer is simply "I don't know" . The truth is we have been blessed, God is literally holding us close and is keeping us strong. That together with all the wonderful memories we have of you, all the love and the fact that we have no regrets about our relationship. I pray that God will bless your soul. Love you forever my handsome.....keep in touch. I know you will never leave us. I see you in our lives, in Kristen, in your Dad and boy do I see you whenever one of your friends keep in touch! You will always be ours. I know we will meet up agoan someday and until then, keep smiling so I can keep smiling too. Love you forever, my son , my love. Close
Condolence / Cindy Boyer (none, I'm hoping to share some comfort with you )  Read >>
Condolence / Cindy Boyer (none, I'm hoping to share some comfort with you )

Dear Nina, I'm very sorry to read of the tragic loss of your beloved son Christopher, and I want to offer my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Please don't be offended by my writing, since I don't know you; but I'm hoping that you will find some comfort in these verses.

Acts 24:15 promises, "that there is going to be a resurrection." Many tragic, unexpected deaths are due to what the Bible calls, "time and unforeseen occurrence that befall them all." - Ecclesiastes 9:11b

Our loving God doesn’t cause sad things to happen to our loved ones, as James 1:13 helps us to understand, ‘When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.’ For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.’”

2 Corinthians 1:3, 4 speaks of God as “the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our tribulation.” 1 Peter 5:7 lets us know that we can “throw all our anxiety upon (God), because he cares.” And Isaiah 65:17b tells us that the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart.” - Thus the heartbreak that we experience now, won’t even be remembered after Jehovah God resurrects our loved ones; thereby undoing the sad effects of death and the pain being separated from them brings.

Revelation 21:4 promises, “And (God) will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” - Just imagine -a world with no tears of sorrow, no pain, and no death!

Loved ones will be resurrected, and welcomed back to life by loving family and friends right here on the earth in the midst of peaceful, beautiful, paradise conditions, as Psalms 37:10, 11, 29 tell about, “And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; and you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.” - We can have the opportunity to live together forever in perfect peace, health, and happiness with our loved ones!

Jesus gave us hope of a time when all suffering will end. He taught his followers to pray: “Our Father in the heavens, . . . Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.” - Matthew 6:9, 10 - When God’s Kingdom comes, there will be no more suffering or death on the earth, just as there is no suffering or death in heaven!

I hope that you will find comfort in your memories, perhaps by looking at pictures. And I hope that these and other verses will bring you comfort, peace, and hope. Romans 15:4 tells us, "For all the things that were written aforetime were written for our instruction, that through our endurance and through the comfort from the Scriptures we might have hope.

And will you please look at the web site, as it offers much comfort that is solidly based on God’s Word the Bible, and it shares what has helped others to cope with their grief. If you decide to look at the site, when on the web site, please click on publications at the top of the page, then under magazines on the left click on ‘magazines’ and in Display box to the right where it says ‘latest‘; scroll to 2011 and click on search, and then please ‘scroll down 3 rows‘, and click on the 'PDF' format for "Coping With the Loss of a Loved One" found in the April Awake; and you’ll be able to open this magazine to read the article in its entirety. Three subjects are: "An Almost Unbearable Loss" "Coming to Terms With Death" and "Help for Those Who Grieve" This is one of the most comforting magazines that I've read and I hope you will read this article and find some comfort in what has helped others to cope with their overwhelming losses. Currently the article, "Why is there so much suffering? When will it end?" is on the main page of the web site.

Take care,

                                                                          Sincerely Yours,

                                                                          Cindy Boyer

the journey....  / Mummy   Read >>
the journey....  / Mummy

It seems that I chose your name for a purpose much bigger than I imagined. It seems that wherever I go there's  Christopher in my path. I know it's a common name but to me it hits me whenever I meet someone or whenever I do business and "Christopher" is my contact.

Meibe it's just me.....but I love it!! I will keep on holding on to your memory until my last breath. I will see you in every young man who looks like his mum....every young man who loves a good laugh and everytime "Christopher " signs my bill!

It seems son that I will never stop thinking about you...and I like that...


Love always



Messages from fb  / Nina   Read >>
Messages from fb  / Nina

Rest In Peace Chris.We luv you and miss you ♥ hugs to u aunty ninz ♥ We pray God will Comfort you And send Angels from above Giving sweet peace within your heart Surrounding you with Eternal Love. We are sorry for your deep loss There's so little we can find to say You are in our thoughts and prayers As we grieve with you today**Shauna

Although gone he's still around in everyone's hearts and thoughts...Keegan

Nina think of the positive side: Chris never gets to look "old" look at him stunning as ever muscular handsome. He never has to worry about wrinkles saggy skin depleted muscles. That's one hunky angel you got there til you meet him again.

My gosh 5 years already. This has always been too sad for me to comprehend. I cannot for the life of me begin to imagine wat u go through on a daily basis. Mei God continue to hold you and give u all the strength and courage Nins...Denise Chung


My Epiphany..five years later  / Nina (His loving mother )  Read >>
My Epiphany..five years later  / Nina (His loving mother )

Today is Tuesday January 25th 2011. Five years ago today was Chris' funeral.

So I was in my car and as usual thinking about my son and I got it...Chris lived a full life. He made so many friends and touched so many hearts. He did it in 20 years. He came to make this path and when he was done he went home to God ..where he belongs.

I was thinking about all the good years and how much support we got when after and continue to get because he died. Family will be there and friends will be there for you when the chips are own.

Chris leftt his amazing pool of friends..Christian Joel Imzaan Usha Stacy Nicholas (Jadoo) Shauna Jana Jean Paul Small manAaron and so many more. These young men and women have always been there for Peter Kristen and I.

So here's the thing....I thought a mother I live as good as I can so my blessings will pass on to my children and continue to the next generation. Then it hit me.....because he lived and because he touched so many lives ...we are receiving his blessings. I lost my son but gained so many more sons and daughters.

Wow..Chris continue to amaze me!!!

I will always love you!!!


Jan 12th:My thoughts as I approach Jan 22nd 2011  / Nina Sirju   Read >>
Jan 12th:My thoughts as I approach Jan 22nd 2011  / Nina Sirju

Jan 12th:

The death of a child signifies the loss of the future of hopes and dreams of new strength and of perfection.

Oct 3rd 2010..another year ..25 today:)  / Nina Sirju   Read >>
Oct 3rd 2010..another year ..25 today:)  / Nina Sirju

Dear Chris
Happy Birthday my son.You would have been 25 today ...i wonder what it would be like ...what you would look like ..what you would be doin.
I wish you were here ..really wish you were here but I have to deal with it.
I love you with all my heart and that will never go away..the true meaning of "LOVE NEVER ......DIES".
I really miss your ~~~HUGS~~~the biggest and the most loving hugs.
Love Always

Happy Birthday  / Mum   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Mum

Another you would have been 24 and I would be buying you a gift and wishing you another Happy Birthday! I would hug you and kiss you and tell you how proud I am of you. My heart would be heavy with pride...cause you are so much the son I prayed for.


Giving birth to you was the BEST thing that ever happened to me...I made you..a perfect little boy...beautiful baby..big eyes and long eyelashes...a beautiful smile with big red lips. I made you a perfect little baby. No one could ever doubt one could ever say I didn't do it right because you were a perfect baby boy.

All the years of not doing it right suddenly came to an end. I did it !

We've been though a lot but I never gave up. You were born with a spirit that was larger than life and so free we still talk about it. When we were together I was so amazed at your presence..everyone knew you and you knew everyone. ..Mr Popular!

When you died Chris I realised that you were larger than life. Even in death I was proud of you..cause you were holding me up! I couldn't have made it without your angel wings. You touched so many lives and they all came to support and offer kind words of comfort . ...and I thought "Wow" ...amazing!

One thing I know for sure you will never die cause you live in our hearts. I wish you were here today but I know that this is all part of God's big plan. So I look up take a deep breath and pray that one day soon I will see you..if just to feel that hug and hear that laugh!

I love you Chris...forever. RIP ..and may God Bless your soul.


Mummy xoxo

miss you  / Stacy Sankar   Read >>
miss you  / Stacy Sankar
Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow but only saps today of its strength. The lord is close to the brokenhearted and his ears are attentive to their cry. He delivers them from all their troubles and save those who are crushed in spirit. He will potect them always. We remember and miss you sooo very much Chris.. The memories carry us through those trying times and somehow makes us smile when we are sad but sometimes the grief just sneaks up on us and it is unbearable. we long to see and hear you.. send us a sign and let us know that you are fine.. comfort us.. Close
You will always be here...  / Mom   Read >>
You will always be here...  / Mom

When people say "we never die but live in the hearts of those we love" we often wonder what that means.

To me it speaks of all the years of memories that will live on but more than that it means that our loved ones really never leave us.

As a mother who suffered the worse pain of losing her child..her first born and only son my heart is open to everything. So I see Chris so many times...I heart is always open to a visit. Sometimes I get so excited because you are always with us.

So Chris is with us ...

whenever I dream him

whenever I need help anf his friends turn up

whenever I feel sad and before it overwhelms me I am distracted

whenever someone speaks of how handsome he was or how he made them laugh

whenever a boy heckles Kristen and she wishes he was here to tell them off

whenever strange things happen that involves his name or the other day when the receptionist at Peter's work called him to say that Christopher Sirju was downstairs to see him...he asked her three times and she just repeated it until she corrected herself. To me he just went to visit his daddy that day and in his way to let him know that he was there.

RIP Chris...I will never forget you and I will never stop loving you. I miss you so much..I miss my friend...all our talks and all the wonderful times we shared together...mother and son. I also got your message ..I know you are happy and at peace. God Bless your soul!


your Mummy


Hey You  / Shammi Akthar (long lost friend )  Read >>
Hey You  / Shammi Akthar (long lost friend )
I do wonder where time has gone, because I can still flashback to our geography lessons, I was always smarter than you Christopher :p just our teacher preferred you.
I'm writing because I was going through all my old emails and I found one from you in 2005, emails are like precious letters. It wasn't anything long just a paragraph from you, but enough, full of your normal sarcasm and wit and underlying friendship, which basically sums you up =)
Anyway in the email you say you'll be coming back to London the following year. I just wonder if you would've made it.
I'm sorry you never got to complete your dreams and I am sorry for your family, but Chris, you truly were a special person (I imagine your pretty pleased with yourself hearing this) because your presence although fleeting has touched so many lives.
3 years on, reading your email and remembering you still makes me sad.

Friends forever =)

Shammi x Close
My Sympathy to the Sirgu Family  / Nalissa Motilal (Friend)  Read >>
My Sympathy to the Sirgu Family  / Nalissa Motilal (Friend)
It is really sad to know that someone so young, vibrant and has inspired peoplem has met with such tragic incident. Three years later and he still live in our hearts. I admire his mother, for the strength and courage that she has, to render all these memories. May Chris' Soul Rest In Peace Now And Forever. Close
January 22nd 2009...three years after  / Nina Sirju (Mummy)  Read >>
January 22nd 2009...three years after  / Nina Sirju (Mummy)

Three years and it still seems like you are just gone for a while and will be showing up soon. Why do I have tro sit here and maintain this site, read all the facebook messages and still grieve for you?

I wish otherwise but this is all part of my journey, mines, daddy's, Kristen's and everyone who knew you and loved you. I tell you Chris the pain doesn't go lodges itself deep inside and surfaces from time to time. Yesterday was one of those time. I spent the day wishing that it was 3 years ago and that I could stop time and keep you here.

Today it's Dad and I, Kristen is at University... your little sister in on her way to becoming the doctor she always dreamed of becoming. I know you are watching over her and more and more she reminds me of you everyday...the spirit of love and laughter lives in her too. I know she has learnt a lot from you and you have helped to mould her into the wonderful human being that she is.

So today we stop is for you. We remember you in Mass at Sacred Heart RC Church (Auntie Susie did this one for you) and your good deed this year goes to a contribution to the choir at Les Efforts moved me to do this....

I believe that you can never long as we talk about you, remember you, laugh about the thigs you would laugh will be alive.

I know you will not die because your friends make sure everytime they call me, message me, remember me...I hear you and know it must be you. You have left some really great friends who never forget us and for this I am grateful. You continue to make sure we are taken care of.

 So Chris always remember that three years ago you had no control..God is in control. It was your time and we accept that. We love you and will always miss you. No one can take your were larger than life. You made an inpact on too many people and we are so proud of you.

May God continue to Bless your soul.


Mom, Dad and Kristen

Another yr bro  / Aaron Achan (friend)  Read >>
Another yr bro  / Aaron Achan (friend)
hey man...well last nite would have been the last time i saw you...i still remember the phone call @ almost 4 in the morning...tomorrow's gonna be 3 yrs ure gone and it still feel like yesterday....well im sure ure up above lookin down at limin still isnt the same without u and ure wild self...rel nice girls appearing all over and i no if u were here u woulda be takin all and leavin none for the
well i have one of my friends lookin out for ure sis in grenada and they seem to have hit off a pretty good i no she wont be in any trouble....and i check up on ure mum occassionally... i see her walkin in the park sometimes when im on my way to work...neways bro gotta hit the sack in the morning..

R.I.P brother..and no we will meet again soon....gone but never forgotten :) Close
Mr. / Clyde Rose (Visitor)  Read >>
Mr. / Clyde Rose (Visitor)

My deepest sympathies to the Sirju family for their sad loss of Christopher. It is the biggest tragedy to lose a loved one. Your lives have changed, and you will never be the same. May God give you the strength to bear this loss.

God bless you all.

Clyde Rose

Happy 23rd Birthday Chris....  / Mummy   Read >>
Happy 23rd Birthday Chris....  / Mummy

To some it may be silly to wish you Happy Birthday but they did not give birth to you. I will always celebrate your birthday cause it's my son's birthday...October 3rd!!!

This year we are in the Uk...I wanted to be with some of your friends but can't so instead we will be at Uncle Clive's.

As we did for the last two years and to continue from your last birthday with us, we'll have dinner and remember you (as we eat:) of your fav pastimes). remember how you loved porkpies, kebabs and chicken and chips from the shop near Geoffery Chaucer.

So Chris I know you know we love you and will always miss you but you will never be far away...always in our hearts and in our lives.

Your sister is now a national scholarship winner and I know you are so proud of her but would find a way to tell her she "stupid"...I would give anything to hear that word even though it got me mad.

Continue to shine in Heaven and be our angel.



A message sent to facebook  / Aarti Maharaj   Read >>
A message sent to facebook  / Aarti Maharaj
I saw my cousin join the group in memory of your son and I was wondering who he was.
I looked on the website and it was very touching. Eventhough I am from NYC and we are thousands of miles away and we dont know each other, I felt my heartache for you. Please accept my deepest condolences. I admire your strength to piece together such a magnificent website, in memory of your son. I just wanted to express my thoughts to you.
Thanks and all the best may God be with you and I am certain your son continues to watch over you.
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