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Malachi 3:3  / Leonie Latham (Nina's Friend from London )  Read >>
Malachi 3:3  / Leonie Latham (Nina's Friend from London )
Malachi 3:3 says: 'He will sit as a
refiner and purifier of silver.'

This verse puzzled some women
in a Bible study and they
wondered what this statement
meant about the character and
nature of God.

One of the women offered to
find out the process of refining
silver and get back to the group
at their next Bible Study.
That week, the woman called a
silversmith and made an
appointment to watch him at
work. She didn't mention
anything about the reason for
her interest beyond her curiosity
about the process of refining

As she watched the silversmith,
he held a piece of silver over
the fire and let it heat up. He
explained that in refining silver,
one needed to hold the silver in
the middle of the fire where

the flames were hottest as to
burn away all the impurities.

The woman thought about God
holding us in such a hot spot;
then she thought again about
the verse that says: 'He sits as a
refiner and purifier of silver.'

She asked the silversmith if it
was true that he had to sit there
in front of the fire the whole
The man answered that yes, he
not only had to sit there holding
the silver, but he had to keep
his eyes on the silver the entire
time it was in the fire. If the silver
was left a moment too long in the
flames, it would be destroyed.
The woman was silent for a
moment. Then she asked the
silversmith, 'How do you know
when the silver is fully refined?'

He smiled at her and answered,
'Oh, that's easy -- when I see
my image in it.'
If today you are feeling the heat
of the fire , remember that God
has his eye on you and will keep
watching you until He sees His
image in you. Close
Two years later....  / Nina (Mummy)  Read >>
Two years later....  / Nina (Mummy)
and it seems like yesterday. 

I was thinking about that Sunday and never thought I could make it past that day.

Two years later and I thank God for what I am today...still your mummy but a stronger Nina who spends her days on the phone comforting other moms who lost their children too. 

I remember all the fun things you did and how much you made us laugh and so I laugh too. I laugh because I know you would not want me to be sad but when I cry I hope you understand that it could never be easy not having you here.

So many people have been so supportive ...your friends and their families have stood by us in more ways than you would ever imagine. Thanks for that too...

I know it was your time and I want you to Rest in peace. Don't worry about us have loved us enough and we will never forget you.

Dad and I made a pact never work on January 22nd ...but to make sure it's a day spent in peace and in your memory. 

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about getting out there and dancing in the rain.

January 22nd, 2008  / Stacy (friend)  Read >>
January 22nd, 2008  / Stacy (friend)
wey boi chris.. joanna and i mus be really love u dread.. we stand up in the back of that church for the whole thing.. nah well ah lie.. i stand up for the whole thing.. when i turn round to look for jo, yuh gurl relaxin on the floor yes! Your mom looked preeeeeeetty.. and she had flowers in her hand oh la la.. buh when i went to look for her, she run away.. oh well..

i woke up 5 am this mornin and i was thinkin bout u whole day.. jus thinkin bout 2 years ago.. what was takin place at the different times.. sigh.. rel sad stuff.. but then when i came online, i put my personal msg as "RIP CHRIS.. 2 yrs in heaven" and this fella come askin me whos chris an ting.. so i paste the website link for him and he say wayyyyy i know this guy!! he met you when he used to work at The WIZZ.. he said that he always used to see you in the mall and he thought you worked in the bank cuz you have a "bank boy look!"

See.. we wont ever forget you.. R.I.P Chris.. we love you and miss you very much.. Close
2years today!  / Joanna Ali (frieind)  Read >>
2years today!  / Joanna Ali (frieind)

Well Chris, these last two years whent by so qucikly but it was really hard! I cant help but imagine the pain Aunty Nina, your dad and Kristin is going tru! 

Today i woke up at about 12 and was like whey 2yrs ago at this time Chris was alive, but know he's in heaven having more fun than we all are!

I went to your memorial today..... i get to miss school! see you not even hear and you findin ways to make me deliquent! 

Rest In Peace! Cant wait to see you agian! 

Love always the Ali's!!

TWO YEARS TODAY............  / Aunty Maureen   Read >>
TWO YEARS TODAY............  / Aunty Maureen
Chris..........we will always remember you and you will always be a part of our family............I know you are in a better place and a safer place.............hoping that we will meet again when our time comes have made such an impact on everyone lives that you touched and you will be sadly missed in so many ways................I am sure that you will always be looking out for your families and your friends and soon all will be together again..............I pray  that your Mom, Dad and Kristen find the comfort to cope each day and I am sure you will find the ways to help them through it all............RIP..........WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!! Uncle Imtiaz, Aunty Maureen and Imzaan Close
Memories / Auntie Ron &. Cousin DP (Aunt)  Read >>
Memories / Auntie Ron &. Cousin DP (Aunt)

Two years ago, a call I can never ever forget !! It will ring in my head forget.  But more so are the fond memories of you.... when you were a child, the joy you brought to out lives.. birthdays, Christmas, visits to mama, when you visited us in Jamaica and just remembering how much you loved life and how fulfilled you made so many people makes me smile and the sadness  just vanishes. Even after you moved on, you made such an impact on so much of us, so many changes you brought to the family and individuals alike. You have and continue to have a role and impact on all our lives.

 There were time when, I would worry about you, now I know and feel sure and comforted  knowing that you are in a much better and safer place, with our Lord and Saviour. And we take comfort in the fact that  we know for sure that you are always looking down on us to protect and guide us. We are sure that you were chosen to do more of the good works that you were doing here on earth, just promoted to a  much higher role with added responsibilities. 
Today I am conforted know that you are safe and happy.

Years will come and go, but memories of you will remain engraved in our hearts, mind and lips.   RIP Chis

ANOTHER YEAR...........2008  / Aunty Maureen   Read >>
ANOTHER YEAR...........2008  / Aunty Maureen

True it is another year...........we will always miss you and no matter you will always be a part of our family.........we wish you were still here to share with us but  God has the answer to all those will always be Imzaan's brother and you will always be our son.............we always call your name at home and in conversations and when there is a party or fete coming up I always remember when you and Imzaan will be organizing to go and what time you all will leave etc.............i will always remember when you sleep over after the saturday nights lime and the next morning when you get up you will always come and look for me to say you are up before imzaan then you will go and harrass Imzaan till he gets up...........there are so many memories we have of you and all the jokes and fun we shared together.............even though we do not have you but those memories makes us feel as though you are still here................YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF OUR FAMILY AND WE WILL ALWAYS PRAY THAT YOU REST IN PEACE.........WE LOVE YOU AND WILL FOREVER............REST IN PEACE.

I miss you  / Stacy Sankar   Read >>
I miss you  / Stacy Sankar
The moment you left us, our hearts split in two,
One side filled with memories,
The other died with you.
We often lie awake at night..
While the world is fast asleep;
And take a walk down memory lane,
With tears upon our cheeks.
Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday.
But missing you is a heartache,
that never goes away.
We hold you tightly within our hearts
And there you'll remain.
Life has gone on without you,
but it will never be the same.
For those who still have their
Sons and brothers,
Treat him with tender care
You will never know the emptiness,
as when you turn and he is not there..

We miss you soo much Chris!!! Close
Hey Chris,  / Mummy   Read >>
Hey Chris,  / Mummy

Sometimes I refuse to believe you're not here..I just can't see you anywhere else. I look at your photo and I literally feel empty and I mean empty. I feel like I'm in another world and this is just temporary...I miss you so much Chris.

I think about you everyday and see you in everything I do and want to do. I see you in your sister when she does something funny and when she sees an animal in the newspapers and says " look Christopher" just like you used to do to her.

You have made quite an impression on our lives and so you will live in our hearts forever.  Our little family will always have our own angel watching over us and for that I can smile and live and go on with this thing called "life". 

I know the grace to carry on and the strength to live is coming form a greater source ..I feel it everyday and my Faith keeps  me strong but I also know that you have a part to play too.  Somehow you are healing not only me but daddy and Kristen. You see when we speak of you, even though we are sad, we have something to smile about and that's when you heal us.

So, my big handsome son, (doh worry, I'm ok) I still need to talk to you and this site is helping me to do that. You know I'm ok.

Love you and big hugs to you,

Always your mummy

Christopher.. / A. Mitchell (friend)  Read >>
Christopher.. / A. Mitchell (friend)
Oh my god.. wow.. i cant believe it! this website is really cool! it makes me wonder if anyone loves me so much as to create one for me later on.. he was truly blessed to be who he was and to have such a loving family (further more his mom). Christopher was my friend a really long time ago and we used to "make mischief" together.. just like any average person would, he used to make fun of me because i had a "gay" hair style lol. He would always tease me and laugh! boyyy i tell you that used to drive me up a wall.. but soon after i told him that he looked like a cute little owl with his glasses and he wanted to punch my lights out.. hahaha he was really something! After that we ended the name calling and became close buds! I then moved to florida and never saw him again. i heard about his accident but couldnt  make it to his funeral since that was the day i got the news. all those memories turned so clearly and i still remember his wicked smile. I didnt know about this site however.. amazing!!!! thats all i have to say.. its wonderful and i love it. i love the fact that so many of his friends and family wrote all these beautiful tributes and look how many candles. this just shows that he made a mark in everyone's life and that means that he has an angelic soul which now rests in peace after completing his mission here with us. may god be with you and your family always Chris Sirju! Close
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY............--.  / Maureen Edoo (Second Mom )  Read >>
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY............--.  / Maureen Edoo (Second Mom )
Happy, Happy Birthday Chris..........
Uncle Imtiaz, Imzaan and I wish you were here to wish you these very wishes in person.....but God will convey those wishes for us.............
we will forever miss you and will forever wish you were here to hear your laughter and have all those fun times that we share..............
yesterday was Imran's birthday.....we are all fasting so after mosque we just had some cake and ice-cream with all the youths at the was nice and quiet..........i will certainly miss you for eid as i missed you last year and that will always be that way.............i will miss all the fun we normally have on that day when we all sit down to eat all the goodies and you were always the one to make fun of everyone present.....we have those memories and will always cherish them.....all our gatherings we always talk of you and wish you were here with us.....i know you will visit us in your special spiritual way and we pray each day for you and for the times that you shared with our family.........imzaan will always cherish you as his special bro........he is still at the gym not these days with the fasting i know we both would have fun together knowing that he is in the gym......he took a hair cut recently and it is so short you would have been laughing non-stop and teasing him everytime you see him..............but he look cute with it......i know by saying that you would be making some remark as you normally do in your special are special and will always be that way in our hearts............Happy birthday......RIP
Missing you  / Stacy Sankar (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Stacy Sankar (Friend)
Happy 22nd Birthday Chris..  / Stacy Sankar (fellow angel lol )  Read >>
Happy 22nd Birthday Chris..  / Stacy Sankar (fellow angel lol )

My dear Christopher,

Lemme start this by wishing you a happy happy birthday.. Today is your 2nd angel birthday and hmmm.. i can only imagine what kinda big fete you having on your side.. i dont even need to say "i hope" you're happy and having a good time because "i know" you're livin it up chris24 stylin.. 

Well.. as much as i would like to say im happy today, i cant.. simply because i miss you so much and i wish you could be here to celebrate with us in person. Nevertheless, there is some sort of comfort in thinking beyond the reality and facts.. trying to understand where you are and what you're doing.. i know you're safe and not letting anything keep you down.

For the past week, i've been seeing people buying puma shoes looking like you, hearing people talking about you, listening to some of your favourite songs and you know when u sign on hi5, there are a couple random people on the side of your profile, well ras.. you were there 3 days in a row.. how odd is that!? You've been on my mind everyday since last year lol.. like yuhself! About that dream last night.. boi.. oh please eh! hahaha.. i have to tell your mom bout that dream lol.. you getting married.. oh.. you could be such a loser when you ready!! i guess its probably cuz you always smiling (ent aunty nina).. 

Anyway son, i know you would like the present your mom organised.. and heres something for you to get excited about lol.. its 8:59 am and 4 people already called, asking when they could drop off books for me.. At first i was thinking to myself.. "huh, like dem ppl eh have no life o wut!?".. then, before i could answer, they go.. "i know you're wondering buh i'll do anything for Chris cuz he woulda do the same for me".. I sent some msgs to the members of your group on facebook.. the next day, my whole inbox was full with replies.. some ppl wanna donate a book every week from now till january.. you are rather loved.. dont u think?

May the good lord bless you and your family. Today and always in my prayers.. R.I.P Chris

By the way.. the pic with Chris and his family in Negril.. thats a really kool pic.. luv it!

Happy 22nd Birthday Chris...  / Mummy   Read >>
Happy 22nd Birthday Chris...  / Mummy
Dear Chris,

Today will always be a special day. Even though your are not with us we will celebrate your birthday cause we celebrate your life and so October 3rd will always be special.

Yesterday whilst I was taking Kristen home from school we remembered the first time she had lamb. She didn't know what it was and asked and you voluntered the information. You said to her (she was about 3years old) .."you remember Mary had a little Lamb? Well mummy caught the lamb...needless to say you upset the child but it was so funny. 

One of your gifts was to make people laugh and you never failed no matter what and where. Whenever we remember you it will always be with a smile and that is such blessing. Not many people is Blessed like you Chris. 

So today you would be waking up to see what you got for your would be pleased with your present. 

We, your family and friends, will be making a donation to orphan kids in your name. I know you will be pleased. 

So have a great day my son...we will too. WE love you and miss you so much but we thabk God for your life and for making us the family you shared it with. 

Big hugs and lots and lots of kisses and lots & lots of luv!!!!


We will remember you all day in prayers.

*BigHug* / Shaunz (Friend)  Read >>
*BigHug* / Shaunz (Friend)
WELL..I cudnt leave my homie thinking i forgot him especially for his bday week so i decided to write ah lil sumin sumin..u kno chris wud start to celebrate his bday from d earlies and make it known..WE HADA LIME-MY BDAY IS JUS NOW...
Here's  to him and his birthday tmrw- celebrate his birth for he did not die..he is just on a vacation in a place we can only dream of going..for now his memories are cherished dearly by his family and friends and he knows we miss him everyday.The impact he made in  our lives is everlasting for im sure no one..and i must stress on that- NO ONE can be like CHRISTOPHER SIRJU.. day we will defintely meet him again..we better..else is me and d big man up
TO Aunty Nins..sorry for d lost of contact all this time,u and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers..
I was jus thinkin about divali and eid coming up 2-all d food-hehe-i was just remembering him.
Hope all is well with u guys-god bless
Dreams / Analise Farrell (Friend)  Read >>
Dreams / Analise Farrell (Friend)

My mind ran on Christopher the other day and i ended up dreaming about him... Everytime i dream him, he is always happy and laughing and its like he is saying enjoy the life u have for any day it can be over.. but to be safe and wise at the same time. it seems he is happy where he is as he can watch over everyone and protect us all. will always continue to remember him and keep him safe in my heart! Close
A message from a little angel....  / MUMMY   Read >>
A message from a little angel....  / MUMMY

Last week I got a call from a former collegue of mine. She called to say that her 11yr old daughter has been using your bookmark since she brought it home but only recently commented on it.

She told her mom that she likes using it cause it makes her feel good. She said that she doesn't know you but your bookmark gives her inspiration ....she said to her mom that this person must be an Angel In Heaven. She said she will never stop using the bookmark. All this is coming from an 11yr!!

You see this fromer collegue was never close to me but came to your wake everynight and then I never heard from her until last week. 

Sometimes when I feel the need to see you things like this happens and I know somehow you will always be with me son. I miss you so much and I wish I could have you for one more day just to hug you and hold you. 

Love you forever,

Mummy Close
Christopher Sirju  / A. Visitor   Read >>
Christopher Sirju  / A. Visitor
well ay, how to start this one boi? i was simply browsing through some of my friend's groups on facebook and came across chris' memorial group. Interesting to see how many members in that group and wall posts like crazy! Not only from girls (might i add).. Your guy padnas as well! From the pics, this fella look like a bess top shotta! Its so obvious that he had the girls all over him lol! In the group information, i saw this website and after reading all this stuff, written by his mom and friends.. i came to realise that this fella had to be something special lol. I can see you touched many lives in your space of time spent here with us and now that you are gone, your memory still lives on! That is a blessing in itself.. To know that so many people cared about you and still do! Christopher, just by reading this website, i have learned the true value of life, love, friendship and happiness.. Most of your friends have stuck by with your family and helped them cope with their loss! It isnt easy.. Trust me when i say it really isnt easy! But having people there, sharing the pain and loss, it helps! Makes you feel like you are not alone in this! Your mom, i can tell that she is a great soul, im positive thats where you got it from! She is a strong one, even though there would be weak moments and even days.. but always have faith in God because if God brings you to it, He will get you through it.. He only gives you what you can handle! May peace be with you! R.I.P CHRISTOPHER! Be thankful that you are such a lucky dude! Close
Rick's Cafe - Jamaica  / Auntie Ronallie (Aunt)  Read >>
Rick's Cafe - Jamaica  / Auntie Ronallie (Aunt)

We all felt you Chris, you were there in living colours with us at Rick's Cafe. I could here you singing "One Love" and grooving to the Reggae vibes. " bringing on the drinks and and with a big grin saying  "auntie ron this is the third time you taking the same pictures in front the Rick's Cafe sign". I could hear you saying "Uncle Mike, let we just stop and get some Holey Bulla yes !  and buoy next time I come I hadda jump off the cliff !! (you too coward hehe)  and saying to your mum and dad " see how allyuh enjoying yurself, allyuh shoula come to Jamaica long time"

We all felt you Chris, it caused even dad to shake a leg.....ah know yuh real laugh, but I also know that you wanted them to see how much you enjoyed your life and all the exciting things  you did that made you into the great person you came to be. As you saw...we all did.

 We all felt you Chris as we know that you will always, always be a special part of all our lives forever and ever. 

The memories you brought to us at Rick's Cafe, Lighthouse and Negril we will forever hold close to our heart as just like you, they are  unforgettable.

Thanks for being with us

Jamaica 2007...  / Mummy   Read >>
Jamaica 2007...  / Mummy

At last we visited Aunty In Jamrock. It was her b-day and the Sirju posse decided to make the trip. I can now understand why u loved it so much there. Aunty Ron's birthday was a fun day and I missed u so much cause I know u would have had the party going. Uncle Clive made special mention of both u and Papa. Family gatherings will never be the same for us.

The highlight was when we went to Rick's Cafe and the lighthouse in Negril. We just had to stop and take pictures cause that was your spot. I saw you against the almond tree and in front of the lighthouse. Then we went to Rick's Cafe and I truly saw your energy there ..the party, the clif jumping (I know u were not that brave), the reggae music and just the energy. Everyone said they could see you there having fun. 

I really wish u could read this and know how my heart breaks everyday for you...I miss you so much and I have so much I want to share with you and you are not here. people will never understand it when I say you were my best friend and I miss that so very much.

So Chris look into my heart and always be there cause that's one place you will live in forever. I love you forever my son.

Mummy Close
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