Christopher Sirju
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October 3rd 1985
Born in Trinidad on October 03, 1985.
Chris was the most beautiful baby. He was perfect and so well behaved. I remember lying on the hospital bed looking at him and thinking how great God is.
I had already chosen his name and decided that his middle name would be the Saint name for that day.
Before I could look up the Catholic Almanac...his uncle Clive who was about 15 yrs old at the time came running to us pointing the callender to show us that October 3rd was St. Dominic's day. Clive was just happy cause his name is also Dominic.
Chris' Baptism
Chris was baptised in February 1986. It was at the Catholic church in Fullerton, Cedros and afterwards it was a grand celebration at his grandparents home. He was their first grandchild and this was a big deal. His Godparents were his paternal grandparents.
Leaving Cedros...

It was time to move on. We left Cedros in June 1988 and moved to our first home in Gulf View, San- Fernando.
Chris now moved from Mama's care to granny Jackson's nursery in Gulf View. Boy, it was hard...the child cried so much it broke my heart. When I got to work and called to see if he was ok ..they said he was fine and playing. So from early my boy learnt to adapt.

Passed away on January 22, 2006 at the age of 20.
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